Announcing BRG Logos Design

Taking a look at the process of designing logos for Storyblocks BRGs

At Storyblocks we have four Business Resource Groups (BRGs) that represent various groups of people. It was time they all received a visual identity. The design team partnered with all BRGs to create a set of logos they can proudly own!

As of today, our four BRGs are:

  • BSB - Black Storyblocks
  • OAS - Out At Storyblocks
  • SURGE - Society of Under-Represented Genders in Engineering
  • WOS - Women of Storyblocks

Having a visual identity is beneficial in many ways, especially for spreading awareness. It could be printed on swag to be worn proudly, or it could be printed in documentation—both online and physically—to make it more official. It also brings in more professionalism which is good for both internal and external branding.


Initial survey

The design team crafted a survey that helped us understand what the core values and visual elements of each BRG are. The questions prompted members of each BRG to work together and come up with initial and more abstract ideas of what their visual identity should look like. We also wanted to make sure we weren't designing each logo in a silo, and envisioned all logos sharing a design language while also providing individuality.

Mood boarding

We proceeded to look at all responses and distill down the data. Every designer on the team constructed various mood boards for each BRG. We shared within the design team and provided feedback. After this process, each designer crafted initial versions of logo ideas. We began looking for visual language similarities and pointed out details that stood out. As a team, we narrowed down the options to a handful.

Feedback Loop

With a narrowed list of options, we reached out again to every BRG to get specific feedback from them. At the end of the day, the logo will be representing them so we wanted to make sure they were excited about it! We conducted about three rounds of feedback with every group and kept an open communication channel. After plenty of iteration, we reached designs that represent each BRG and also share a visual language.


Here are the logos!

Hope you all get to see some cool swag repping the BRGs around the office or on Zoom.

Written by

Antonino Gugliotta