Design Team Challenge: Video Game Edition!

We've started doing design challenges as a team to learn something new together and virtually hang out. This month's challenge was to create our own video game in Figma!

We started doing design challenges as a team at least once a month during our weekly collaboration sessions. We've found that it adds a bit of fun to the day and we usually end up learning something (a Figma feature, new plugin, source for inspiration, etc) from each other.

This week's challenge was to create a video game based on this post by Pablo Stanley (we <3 you, Pablo! You teach us so much). While we use Figma’s prototyping tools in our designs, none of us had tried something so ambitious and we thought it’d be fun to put our own spin on it.

We hopped on a Zoom, put a couple of hours on the clock, looked at some inspiration together, and began! We thought we'd share our results for fun. Enjoy!

Tony created a collision-dodging racetrack.

Justin created an astronaut flying through cityscapes.

Tamara’s game illustrates a bee buzzing through a cactus garden.

Katherine created a spooky ghost roaming through a graveyard.

Scott created an ode to SkiFree, a game that used to come with every computer back in the Windows 3.1 days.

Ali created “Calendar Jenga” aka the life of a designer.

Zahr created a UFO flying through different landscapes.

And finally, I created a video game of my band, Broke Royals, roaming through retro music space dodging music notes.

Written by

Rebecca Silverstein